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This Week in the States

12 Jan This Week in the States

Weekly Report: January 12, 2015


Dear IPCPR Member:


The IPCPR state affairs team and affiliated state associations represent the interests of retail tobacconists in state capitals across the country. This year the premium tobacco industry will face many challenges on the state level. The IPCPR team will continue to keep you informed about state legislation that could impact your small business.


Each week you will receive a “This Week in the States” update detailing all bills that have moved in states across the country. You will also receive targeted emails to engage you and your customers when grassroots involvement is necessary to affect the passage of legislation.


Please use the resources below to make sure you are informed about legislative activities in your state.

Partisan Splits

Bill Introduction Deadlines

2015 Session Calendar

State Legislation


We look forward to continuing our work on your behalf in 2015. As always, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.




Matt Dogali

Senior Director of State Legislative Affiars



Rachel Hyde

Legislative Affairs Manager



Questions? Comments? Interested in Getting Involved? Contact the IPCPR Legislative Team!
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