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Political Involvement in Wyoming


Requirements for Political Involvement in Wyoming

“Lobby” or “as a lobbyist” means to attempt to influence legislation. Any person, who, on behalf of any association, corporation, labor union, public, nonprofit, or private special interest group or any interest other than personal, is receiving or has a reasonable expectation of receiving expense reimbursement or compensation in excess of $500.00 in a reporting period as a lobbyist must register with the Secretary of State.


Wyo. Stat. § 28-7-101: Registration; reports

Any person who lobbies or acts as a lobbyist in Wyoming must register with the Secretary of State before or within 48 hours of commencing lobbying activities by submitting a Lobbyist Registration Form and the applicable $25 or $5 registration fee. Registrations expire on April 30th of each year and must be renewed annually by submitting the same form.


Wyo. Stat. § 28-7-101: Registration; reports


All registered lobbyists with reportable expenses equal to or greater than $500 must file a Lobbyist Activity Report for the preceding year annually on or before June 30th.


Wyo. Stat. § 28-7-201: Lobbyist activity reports; contents, forma and filing requirements; penalties


Wyoming Secretary of State: All Form & Publications (Click the “Lobbyist” heading to expand)


Lobbyist Registration Form


Lobbyist Activity Report

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