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Political Involvement in Washington


Requirements for Political Involvement in Washington

“Lobby” and “lobbying” mean attempting to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation by the legislature of the state of Washington, or the adoption or rejection of any rule, standard, rate, or other legislative enactment of any state agency.


Neither “lobby” nor “lobbying” includes an association’s or other organization’s act of communicating with the members of that association or organization.


Wash. Rev. Code. § 42.17A.005(30)


A “lobbyist” is any person who lobbies either in his or her own or another’s behalf.


Wash. Rev. Code. § 42.17A.005(31)


“Lobbyist’s employer” means the person or persons by whom a lobbyist is employed and all persons by whom he or she is compensated for acting as a lobbyist.


Wash. Rev. Code. § 42.17A.005(32)


An “expenditure” is a payment, contribution, subscription, distribution, loan, advance, deposit, or gift of money or anything of value, and includes a contract, promise, or agreement, whether or not legally enforceable, to make an expenditure. “Expenditure” also includes a promise to pay, a payment, or a transfer of anything of value in exchange for goods, services, property, facilities, or anything of value for the purpose of assisting, benefiting, or honoring any public official or candidate, or assisting in furthering or opposing any election campaign. Agreements to make expenditures, contracts, and promises to pay may be reported as estimated obligations until actual payment is made.


“Expenditure” does not include the partial or complete repayment by a candidate or political committee of the principal of a loan, the receipt of which loan has been properly reported.


Wash. Rev. Code. § 42.17A.005(20)

Lobbyists in Washington must register with the Public Disclosure Commission before lobbying or within 30 days after being employed as a lobbyist, whichever occurs first. To register, lobbyists must submit a Lobbyist Registration (Form L1) and a Lobbyist Identification Form. Registrations filed October 1, 2014 or later are valid until January 8, 2017. Lobbyists must also file Lobbyist Monthly Expense Reports (Form L2) on or before the 15th of each month.


Lobbyist employers must sign their lobbyist’s L1 registration form and file a Lobbyist Employer’s Report (Form L3) annually by the last day of February.


Lobbyist and lobbyist employer reports may be filed electronically at https://www.pdc.wa.gov/filerapp/login.asp.


Wash. Rev. Code. § 42.17A.600: Registration of lobbyists.
Wash. Rev. Code. § 42.17A.615: Reporting by lobbyists – Rules.
Wash. Rev. Code. § 42.17A.630: Reports by employers of registered lobbyists, other persons.


Washington Public Disclosure Commission: Filing Requirements for Lobbyists


Lobbyist Reporting Instruction Manual


Form L1: Lobbyist Registration


Lobbyist Identification Form


Form L2: Lobbyist monthly Expense Report


Washington Public Disclosure Commission: Filing Requirements for Lobbyist Employers


Lobbyist Employer Reporting Instruction Manual     http://www.pdc.wa.gov/archive/filerassistance/manuals/pdf/2015/2015ManLobEmp.pdf


Form L3: Lobbyist Employer’s Report

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