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Political Involvement in South Dakota


Requirements for Political Involvement in South Dakota

A “lobbyist” is any person who seeks the introduction of legislation or promotes, opposes, or influences in any manner the passage by the Legislature of any legislation affecting the special interests of any agency, individual, association, or business, as distinct from those of the whole people of the state, or acts in any manner as a lobbyist in connection with any such legislation.


S.D. Codified Laws § 2-12-1: Names of lobbyists to be registered with secretary of state; termination of employment

Each lobbyist in South Dakota must register with the Secretary of State each year by filing a Lobbyist Registration Form, an Employer Authorization Form, and a $40 filing fee.


S.D. Codified Laws § 2-12-1: Names of lobbyists to be registered with secretary of state; termination of employment.
S.D. Codified Laws § 2-12-4: Authorization to act as lobbyist for employer.


On or before July 1st of each year, each registered lobbyist and each employer of a registered lobbyist whose name appears in the directory in that year must submit to the Secretary of State a Lobbyist Expense Report Form or a 2015 Employer Expense Report Form, respectively.


S.D. Codified Laws § 2-12-11: Expense reports filed with secretary of state; open to public inspection; administrative penalty for untimely report.


After registration is completed, lobbyists and employers may file registration renewals and expense reports through the EZ Lobby website at https://sos.sd.gov/Lobbyist/default.aspx.


South Dakota Secretary of State: Lobbyist Registration and Login


Private Lobbyist First Time Registration


2015 Lobbyist Registration Form


2015 Employer Authorization Form


2015 Lobbyist Expense Report Form


2015 Employer Expense Report Form


EZ Lobby Login

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