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Political Involvement in Mississippi


Requirements for Political Involvement in Mississippi

“Lobbying” means:

  • Influencing or attempting to influence legislative or executive action through oral or written communication
  • Solicitation of others to influence legislative or executive action, or
  • Paying or promising to pay anything of value directly or indirectly related to legislative or executive action


Miss. Code § 5-8-3(k)


“Lobbyist” means:

  • An individual who is employed and receives payments, or who contracts for economic consideration, including reimbursement for reasonable travel and living expenses, for the purpose of lobbying
  • An individual who represents a legislative or public official or public employee, or who represents a person, organization, association or other group, for the purpose of lobbying, or
  • A sole proprietor, owner, part owner or shareholder in a business who has a pecuniary interest in legislative or executive action, who engages in lobbying activities


Miss. Code § 5-8-3(l)


“Lobbyist’s client” means the person in whose behalf the lobbyist influences or attempts to influence legislative or executive action.


Miss. Code § 5-8-3(m)


“Legislative action” means:

  • Preparation, research, drafting, introduction, consideration, modification, amendment, approval, passage, enactment, tabling, postponement, defeat or rejection of a bill, resolution, amendment, motion, report, nomination, appointment or other matter by the Mississippi State Legislature or a member or employee of the Legislature acting or purporting to act in an official capacity
  • Action by the Governor in approving or vetoing a bill or other action of the Legislature
  • Action by the Legislature in:
    • Overriding or sustaining a veto by the Governor or
    • Considering, confirming or rejecting an executive appointment of the Governor


Miss. Code § 5-8-3(i)


“Executive action” means the proposal, drafting, development, consideration, amendment, adoption, approval, promulgation, issuance, modification, rejection or postponement by a state or local governmental entity of a rule, regulation, order, decision, determination or other quasi-legislative action or proceeding.


Miss. Code § 5-8-3(d)


“Expenditure” means:

  • A purchase, payment, distribution, loan, forgiveness of a loan or payment of a loan by a third party, advance, deposit, transfer of funds, a promise to make a payment, or a gift of money or anything of value for any purpose
  • A payment to a lobbyist for salary, fee, commission, compensation for expenses, or other purpose by a person employing, retaining or contracting for the services of the lobbyist separately or jointly with other persons
  • A payment in support of or assistance to a lobbyist or the lobbyist’s activities, including the direct payment of expenses incurred at the request or suggestion of the lobbyist
  • A payment that directly benefits an executive, legislative or public official or a member of the official’s immediate family
  • A payment, including compensation, payment or reimbursement for the services, time or expenses of an employee for or in connection with direct communication with an executive, legislative or public official made at the direction of the employee’s employer
  • A payment for or in connection with soliciting or urging other persons to enter into direct communication with an executive, legislative or public official, or
  • A payment or reimbursement for food, beverages, travel, lodging, entertainment or sporting activities


Miss. Code § 5-8-3(g)

Every lobbyist and every lobbyist’s client must electronically file a Registration Statement and a registration fee of $25 with the Secretary of State within 5 calendar days after becoming a lobbyist, becoming a lobbyist’s client, or beginning to lobby for a new client. Registrations expire on December 31st of each year and must be renewed annually. Registration forms and additional information are available online at http://www.sos.ms.gov/elec/portal/msel/portal.aspx.


Miss. Code § 5-8-5: Registration statements; filing; contents; length of registration period; effective date of registration; termination of registration; forms


Lobbyists (Form A) and lobbyist’s clients (Form C) must electronically file Annual Reports on or before January 30th of each year. Lobbyists must also file a Mid-Session Report on or before February 25th of each year and an End of Session Report within 10 days after the end of each legislative session.


Miss. Code § 5-8-9: Report of expenditures of lobbyist’s client; exceptions
Miss. Code § 5-8-11: Report of payments received by lobbyist from each lobbyist’s clients; exceptions


Mississippi Secretary of State: Lobbying


2015 Lobbying Guide


2015 Lobbyist Reporting Schedule


Lobbyist Registration and Reporting Portal

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