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Political Involvement in Kansas


Requirements for Political Involvement in Kansas

A “lobbyist” is

  • Any person employed in considerable degree for lobbying;
  • Any person formally appointed as the primary representative of an organization or other person to lobby in person on state-owned or leased property; or
  • Any person who makes expenditures in an aggregate amount of $100 or more, exclusive of personal travel and subsistence expenses, in any calendar year for lobbying.


“Lobbyist” does not include

  • Any state officer or employee engaged in carrying out the duties of their office;
  • The employer of a lobbyist, if such lobbyist has registered the name and address of such employer;
  • Any qualified nonprofit which is interstate in its operations and of which a primary purpose is the nonpartisan analysis, study or research of legislative procedures or practices and the dissemination of the results thereof to the public, irrespective of whether such organization may recommend a course of action as a result of such analysis, study or research;
  • Any justice or commissioner of the supreme court or judge of the judicial branch or employee or officer of the judicial branch or, any member of a board, council or commission who is appointed by the supreme court or who is elected or appointed to exercise duties pertaining to functions of the judicial branch, when such person is engaged in performing a function or duty for the judicial branch; or
  • Any appointed member of an advisory council, commission or board, who serves without compensation other than amounts for expense allowances or reimbursement of expenses, when such member is engaged in performing a function or duty for such council, commission or board.


Kan. Stat. Ann. § 46-222


“Lobbying” means

  • Promoting or opposing in any manner action or nonaction by the legislature on any legislative matter or the adoption or nonadoption of any rule and regulation by any state agency; or
  • Entertaining any state officer or employee or giving any gift, honorarium or payment to a state officer or employee in an aggregate value of $40 or more within any calendar year, if at any time during such year the person supplying the entertainment, gifts, honoraria or payments has a financial interest in any contract with, or action, proceeding or other matter before the state agency in which such state officer or employee serves, or if such person is the representative of a person having such a financial interest.


“Lobbying” does not include

  • Any expenditure from amounts appropriated by the legislature for official hospitality; or
  • Representation of a claimant on special claims against the state.


Kan. Stat. Ann. § 46-222

Prior to engaging in lobbying, each lobbyist must register with the Kansas Secretary of State by filing for each person, organization, or client represented a Lobbyist Registration Form, a Lobbyist Badge Order Card, and a registration/administrative fee. Registration expires on December 31st of each year and must be renewed annually. The fee schedule is as follows:


Amount Expected to Be Spent on Client                   Registration/Administrative Fee
$1,000 or less this calendar year                                 $50
More than $1,000 this calendar year                         $375
Employee of a lobbying group or firm                      $450


Kan. Stat. Ann. § 46-265


Each registered lobbyist who spends more than $100 in a reporting period must also file a Lobbyist Employment and Expenditure Report (including Schedules A, B, C, and D) by the 10th day of the month following the end of the reporting period. The reporting periods and the corresponding report due dates are as follows:


Period Covered                                    Due Date
January                                                      February 10th
February                                                  March 10th
March                                                         April 10th
April                                                            May 10th
May – August                                         September 10th
September – December                   January 10th


Kan. Stat. Ann. § 46-269


Kansas lobbying registration and reporting forms may also be completed and filed electronically through the Kansas Secretary of State’s Election Division at http://www.kssos.org/elections/lobbyist_online.asp.


Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission: Lobbying Forms


Lobbyist Registration Form



Lobbyist Badge Order Form


Lobbyist Employment & Expenditure Report


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