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Political Involvement in Arkansas


Requirements for Political Involvement in Arkansas

“Lobbying” means communicating directly or soliciting others to communicate with any public servant with the purpose of influencing legislative action or administrative action.


Ark. Code § 21-8-402(10)


“Lobbyist” means a person who:

  • Receives income or reimbursement in a combined amount of $400 or more in a calendar quarter for lobbying 1 or more governmental bodies;
  • Expends $400 or more in a calendar quarter for lobbying 1 or more governmental bodies, excluding the cost of personal travel, lodging, meals, or dues; or
  • Expends $400 or more in a calendar quarter, including postage, for the express purpose of soliciting others to communicate with any public servant to influence any legislative action or administrative action of 1 or more governmental bodies unless the communication has been filed with the Secretary of State or the communication has been published in the news media. If the communication is filed with the Secretary of State, the filing shall include the approximate number of recipients


Ark. Code § 21-8-402(11)


“Legislative action” means introduction, sponsorship, consideration, debate, amendment, passage, defeat, approval, veto, or any other official action or nonaction on any bill, ordinance, law, resolution, amendment, nomination, appointment, report, or other matter pending or proposed before a committee or house of the General Assembly, a quorum court, or a city council or board of directors of a municipality.


Ark. Code § 21-8-402(8)


“Administrative action” means any decision on, or proposal, consideration, or making of any rule, regulation, ratemaking proceeding, or policy action by a governmental body. “Administrative action” does not include ministerial action.


Ark. Code § 21-8-402(1)

A lobbyist must register within 5 days after beginning lobbying. Registrations are valid for one year, and lobbyists must reregister by January 15th of each year. Within 15 days after the end of each calendar quarter, each registered lobbyist must file a complete and detailed Quarterly Lobbyist Activity Report. A registered lobbyist who lobbies members of the General Assembly must file a Monthly Lobbyist Activity Report within 10 days after the end of each month in which the General Assembly is in session. A Quarterly Lobbyist Activity Report is not required if the registered lobbyist has filed Monthly Lobbyist Activity Reports for each month of the calendar quarter.


Ark. Code § 21-8-601: Registration required; exceptions; termination
Ark. Code § 21-8-603: Activity reports; inspection


All Lobbyist Registration and Lobbyist Activity must be filed online with the Secretary of State at https://www.ark.org/sso/index.php?template=sos.


Rules on Lobbyist Registration and Reporting


Arkansas Secretary of State: Online Filing


Online Filing Instructions

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