IPCPR Legislative | Point of Sale Sign for Retailers: IPCPR Template and Overview

Point of Sale Sign for Retailers: IPCPR Template and Overview

13 Jun Point of Sale Sign for Retailers: IPCPR Template and Overview

Beginning 8/10/2018, retailers selling cigars individually and without packaging must display Point of Sale (POS) signs with all 6 FDA cigar warnings at the register.

As a service for our retailers, IPCPR has created two FDA-compliant templates that retailers can download and print for use in their stores. The POS sign serves as the mandated warning for individual, unpackaged cigar sales.

Download & print IPCPR’s FDA compliant POS signs for your convenience!

These templates also comply with labeling requirements for California retailers.

What are the specific requirements for the POS?
Retailers must display these signs without obstruction to ensure that consumers may easily read them when making a purchase. Strict compliance requires that the sign:

  • Be displayed on an 8.5 x 11 inch sign – (a standard piece of printer paper);
  • Be displayed within 3 inches of each cash register where customers make payment;
  • With the exact wording, punctuation, and capitalization used in the warnings as required in the rule;
  • In at least size 17 text;
  • Using Arial, Helvetica, or another similar sans serif font;
  • With bolded, black type against a white background; and
  • With sufficient space between them.

The IPCPR templates meet FDA requirements.

Does it matter if I sell individual, unpackaged cigars out of boxes or trays?
No. If a retailer sells individual, unpackaged cigars out of boxes or trays, it is IPCPR’s position that displaying the POS sign satisfies the warning requirements for such cigars. Cigar boxes and trays used to display individual, unpackaged cigars for sale should not require warning labels.


If retailers sell any cigar product in its original packaging (i.e. what was received from the manufacturer or distributor) then the packaging must comply with applicable requirements.  Certain exceptions do apply – as laid out in a previous IPCPR guidance .

For additional questions or concerns regarding FDA’s POS requirements, please contact Daniel Trope, Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs by emailing daniel@ipcpr.org.

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