IPCPR Legislative | Opt in to IPCPR’s FDA Warning Plan by August 1st!

Opt in to IPCPR’s FDA Warning Plan by August 1st!

14 Jun Opt in to IPCPR’s FDA Warning Plan by August 1st!

As part of IPCPR’s continued efforts to bring benefits and services to our retail members, the association filed an association-wide warning plan for cigar advertising with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in late 2017, and recently received the FDA’s approval.  This allows retailers who elect into the IPCPR plan to stay in compliance with the FDA.

How Do I Sign Up?  

First and foremost, you need to be an IPCPR member, and the rest is easy.  One authorized official from each IPCPR member retailer wishing to opt in simply needs to do two things – review the plan and certify your participation.  Click below:

The certification acknowledges that the member has read the plan, agrees to be subject to the IPCPR warning plan, and that the member will adhere to the IPCPR warning plan.  IPCPR asks that members provide their certifications no later than 11:59 pm ET on August 1st.  IPCPR will then submit to the FDA the full list of retailers who opted in to the plan.


Why Should I Sign up?                                                                                                                                                        

Beginning on August 10, 2018, new FDA regulations requiring warning labels on cigar packaging and advertising go into effect. Retailers who create their own advertisements for cigars not only need to meet new labeling requirements, but also must do so in compliance with an FDA-approved warning plan.  If you did not file a warning plan by the August 10, 2017 submission deadline, IPCPR strongly recommends that you opt in to the association’s plan by providing a certification. 

What Does This Mean for Retailers?                                                                                                                              

Ultimately, the IPCPR warning plan is about making life easier for our retailers. Beginning August 10, 2018, retailers who create their own cigar advertisements (or have such advertisements created for them) must display and rotate warnings in such advertisements in accordance with an FDA-approved warning plan.  With FDA’s approval of the association’s plan, it is an easy way for IPCPR members who do not have their own approved warning plans to opt in to the association’s plan in time to comply with the new warning requirements under the Deeming Rule.

The IPCPR warning plan includes a simplified, single quarterly rotation schedule that applies to advertisements for “all brands” of cigars. This is unique to the IPCPR warning plan and significantly eases the burden of compliance for retailers.  The IPCPR warning plan also covers all forms of advertising that retailers may wish to use, describing for each category how the retailer will determine which warning statement to include in an advertisement.

For any questions or additional information on the IPCPR warning plan or any other matters dealing with FDA compliance please contact Daniel Trope, Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs, at daniel@ipcpr.org.

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