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Notice for Exhibitors

14 Jul Notice for Exhibitors

We look forward to your arrival at IPCPR’s 86th Annual Convention and International Trade Show! Ahead of next week’s events we want to make all of our exhibitors aware that the event will be monitored by the Nevada Department of Taxation for compliance with Nevada law regarding the in-state distribution of tobacco products.

Please be aware that, in accordance with a new policy on distribution of samples at tobacco-related events, the state will be reviewing the list of exhibitors for outstanding tax liens held within Nevada. If you believe a lien may exist against your company, please contact Rachel Hyde at rachel@ipcpr.org for more information.

In addition, as in past years, we anticipate that the Department of Revenue will send inspectors to monitor the types of products provided through exhibitor samples. To ensure this oversight is as minimally disruptive, we wish to remind all exhibitors of the Convention’s existing policies on the types and amount of product that may distributed at the show. Please remember:

  • Exhibitors MAY distribute a limited quantity of samples to a representative of another business, as necessary to achieve a business or marketing goal (such as awareness of and exposure to the product for the purposes of product or inventory selection.) Samples must be distributed as part of a genuine effort to sell or market a tobacco product to that business.
  • Exhibitors MAY take orders but MAY NOT make any retail sales from the exhibit space.
  • Exhibitors MAY NOT display or provide samples of products covered by the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement.
  • This trade show is closed to the general public and distribution to consumers during the trade show is prohibited.

We expect all exhibitors to adhere to these policies. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy the show!

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