IPCPR Legislative | Keep the FDA Out of Your Humidor!

Keep the FDA Out of Your Humidor!

10 Dec Keep the FDA Out of Your Humidor!

For several years, stakeholders from across the premium cigar industry have been fighting on Capitol Hill to preserve the products and lifestyle we love. The culmination of that fight is now at hand. Now is the time we need your help to ensure our industry survives.

Call the Office of House Speaker Paul Ryan TODAY at 202-225-0660 and the Office of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy at 202-225-4000 and tell them premium cigars must be exempted from FDA regulation!

  • Premium Cigars should be exempt from FDA regulation.
  • Premium Cigars do not have a youth access issues like other tobacco products.
  • The freedom to enjoy a premium cigar should be a decision made by adults.

Contact Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and let your voice be heard by calling 202-225-0660 and 202-225-4000. If you get a busy signal, call back until you reach someone!

If your company has an email list, we ask that you please forward this to all of your customers so that we may work together as a united force to protect this industry.

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