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IPCPR Local Alert: Oppose Proposed Local Tobacco Laws

24 Apr IPCPR Local Alert: Oppose Proposed Local Tobacco Laws

The City of New York Committee on Health will hold a public hearing on April 27 to consider the proposed local laws referenced below. As a local business owner, your input is valuable. Please take the time to call or send an email to the members of the Committee on Health and attend the hearing to remind them of the impact the proposed local laws could have on small business owners in New York City. Contact information for the Committee on Health and information on the upcoming hearing is listed below:

  • Local Law 1462—product display ban
  • Local Law 1532—requires licensing of electronic cigarette retail dealers
  • Local Law 1544-A—regulates tobacco products by establishing price floors and minimum package sizes: cigarettes / little cigars at $13.00 per pack; loose tobacco at $17.00 per package; cigars greater of $8.00 per pack or $2.00 per cigar; smokeless tobacco at $8.00 per package; imposes a new OTP tax of 10% of the minimum price
  • Local Law 1547—expands the retail dealer license to include retailers of tobacco products and sets caps on retail dealer licenses (grandfathers in current licensees)


Hearing details:
–date / April 27
–time / 10:00 A.M.
–place / Council Chambers, City Hall, New York, NY 10007

Submit comments and calls to the NYC Health Committee:

NYC Health Committee District Email District Office Phone Legislative Office Phone
Corey D. Johnson 3 District3@council.nyc.gov 212-564-7757 212-788-6979
Inez D. Barron 42 718-649-9495 212-788-6957
James G. Van Bramer 26 jvanbramer@council.nyc.gov 718-383-9566 212-788-7370
James Vacca 13 vacca@council.nyc.gov 718-931-1721 212-788-7375
Mathieu Eugene 40 eugene@council.nyc.gov 718-287-8762 212-788-7352
Peter A. Koo 20 pkoo@council.nyc.gov 718-888-8747 212-788-7022
Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. 37 respinal@council.nyc.gov 718-642-8664 212-788-7284
Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. 36 rcornegy@council.nyc.gov 718-919-0740 212-788-7354
Rosie Mendez 2 mendez@council.nyc.gov 212-677-1077 212-788-7366

This local alert from the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) is brought to you in partnership with the National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO). A NATO representative will be in Bloomington this week to meet with retailers and distribute literature.

Questions? Comments? Interested in Getting Involved? Contact the IPCPR Legislative Team!
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