IPCPR Legislative | House Appropriations Committee Supports Premium Cigar Exemption

House Appropriations Committee Supports Premium Cigar Exemption

12 Jul House Appropriations Committee Supports Premium Cigar Exemption

Earlier today the House Appropriations Committee passed legislation that includes language prohibiting the FDA from enforcing current regulations on premium cigars. The committee considered and voted on the FY 2018 Agriculture Appropriations bill – which provides funding for operations and programs at the FDA. The provision, supported by a majority of the committee, acutely defines premium cigars and prohibits any FDA regulations on the newly defined category for the next fiscal year.

Despite past opposition, there were no attempts to strip the premium cigar exemption provision. This is a direct result of all the hard work and effort that IPCPR and our retailers have undertaken to tell our story and fight for our industry. This is a major step in fighting back against onerous and short-sighted FDA regulations. IPCPR will continue to advocate for premium cigar exemption and will engage with the House and Senate through the rest of the FY 2018 appropriations process.

For more information or any questions on the appropriations provision or IPCPR legislative efforts, please contact Daniel Trope, Director of Federal Government Affairs at daniel@ipcpr.org.

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