IPCPR Legislative | Extremely Urgent Alert, Your Business May Be At Risk

17 Sep Extremely Urgent Alert, Your Business May Be At Risk



Dear IPCPR Member,


It has recently come to our attention that at least two of IPCPR’s member retailers have been seriously affected by banking restrictions brought on by the Justice Department’s “Operation Choke Point.” Launched in 2013, this program targets certain industries by pressuring banks to deny financial services to legitimate businesses for political reasons.


It is our understanding that the IPCPR members that have been targeted received written notice from their banks terminating their businesses relationships. This correspondence explains that based on the nature of their businesses, the bank must close their accounts.


Click here for more information on “Operation Choke Point.”


We need your assistance so we can help protect our retailers. If you or another retail tobacconist you know has received similar communication from your bank, we need to be notified immediately. IPCPR is working with members of the United States Congress to help put a stop to this, but we need more information from you.


Please do NOT contact our general office line, but rather email me directly at kip@ipcpr.org. If you have a scanned copy of the letter, please attach it to the email along with your best contact phone number.



Kip Talley


Senior Director of Federal Legislative Affairs, IPCPR


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