IPCPR Legislative | Ask Lawmakers to Vote “NO” on SB 354

Ask Lawmakers to Vote “NO” on SB 354

17 Mar Ask Lawmakers to Vote “NO” on SB 354

The Montana Senate Public Health Committee will hear S.B. 354 in the near future. S.B. 354 will increase tobacco taxes in Montana which include:
1. Increase the cigarette SET rate by $1.50 per pack, to a total of $3.20 per pack.
2. Increase the SET on moist snuff from $0.85 per oz. to the greater of 74% of the wholesale price or the cigarette SET rate ($3.20)
3. Increase the SET rate on other tobacco products from 50% to 74% of the wholesale price.

Please stand up for your retail tobacco business by expressing your opposition to S.B. 354. Click on the button below to contact the members of the Senate Public Health Committee TODAY!

Questions or comments should be directed to Tyler Henson, IPCPR Western Regional Representative, tyler@ipcpr.org.

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