IPCPR Legislative | Arkansas: Important Message From IPCPR About Your Business

Arkansas: Important Message From IPCPR About Your Business

08 Oct Arkansas: Important Message From IPCPR About Your Business

It has recently come to our attention that some of IPCPR’s retail members in Arkansas were informed by Arkansas Tobacco Control that they are not allowed to purchase tobacco products directly from a manufacturer that is not licensed by the state.


State law requires any manufacturer that has a nexus to the state be licensed if they are selling tobacco products directly to retailers. However, the state has no legal authority to require an out-of-state manufacturer with no nexus to the state to obtain a license. Your ability to purchase products from unlicensed manufacturers could be restricted and selling their products could result in seizure or fines.


There is a more practical alternative to manufacturer licensing to protect your business and avoid fines and penalties. If you purchase tobacco products from out of state, we strongly encourage you to obtain a Wholesale Tobacco Permit. This permit will allow you to purchase tobacco products from any manufacturer or seller, whether or not they are licensed. The permit cost is $500 annually.


In order to obtain a Wholesale Tobacco Permit, please contact Roland Darrow, Attorney for Arkansas Tobacco Control, at 501-683-2577. If you have any additional questions please contact Matt Dogali, Senior Director of State Legislative Affairs for IPCPR, at 202-999-9776.

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