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09 Nov North Dakota Voters Defeat Measure No. 4

Yesterday North Dakota voters defeated Measure No. 4. This misguided statutory measure would have harmed your small business by increasing taxes on cigars and other tobacco products from 28 percent to 56 percent. 61.67 percent voted “no” on Measure No. 4 and 38.33 percent voted “yes” on...

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09 Nov Colorado Voters Defeat Amendment 72

Yesterday Colorado voters defeated Amendment 72. This misguided Constitutional Amendment would have harmed your small business by increasing the total other tobacco products tax rate to 62 percent. With 51 of 64 counties reporting so far, 46.36 percent voted “yes” on Amendment 72 and 53.64...

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14 Oct Administration Eases Restrictions on Cuba

Today, President Barack Obama approved a Presidential Policy Directive that eases sanctions regulations on Cuba. The changes will take effect on Monday, October 17, 2016. How does this impact cigars? Eliminates the $100 limit on the value of Cuban cigars authorized travelers may bring into the United States for...

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14 Oct Do your part to stop regulation of premium cigars by FDA!

Help the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) protect your business against burdensome regulation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)! Contact your Senators and Representative TODAY in support of the premium cigar exemption. CLICK HERE to identify your elected officials Scroll down and enter your...

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